london, actually
After initiation on Friday, a group of us girls went to see Love Actually. It was perfect for the place I am right now. I've been really missing London lately and my attempts to ease my "London-sickness" have failed. Seeing pictures of Big Ben, beefeaters and the Tower Bridge just don't do it for me. That wasn't the London that I spent everyday at. My London was the Earl's Court tube station, Blackfriars Bridge, Nandos, the IPC Media tower. Love Actually was my London. There were Walkers crisps, Ant and Dec, britpop group Blue and plenty of British pop culture humor. The best part however, was when the character, Mark, walked out of his flat, rounded the corner, and I knew exactly where he was: right outside King's Reach Tower, Stamford Street, London SE1 9LS. They didn't show the shop, but directly out of view was EAT, the cafe where my editor treated me to a birthday lunch. He walked through the OXO Tower, out onto the South Bank and there was Blackfriars Bridge! (notice the picture: the tall building is Kings Reach Tower; I worked on the 27th floor. To the right is the OXO Tower above a bunch of shops. To the left is the hotel with a bar where the art director, assistant editor and I spent Valentine's Day afternoon drinking three bottles of wine.) sigh. It was a nice reminder that my London did exist and still does.

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