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first, a quick re-cap of the weekend
It was two days full of K-State athletics. I came home to the Little Apple Friday night and went straight to the women's basketball game, immediately followed by the men's basketball game. Things that are funny: about a thrid of the packed colliseum left after the women's game. They knew they'd seen the best game for the night and didn't stick around to see the men play. Take that, battle of the sexes.

Saturday, Maureen showed up at my house at 1:30 and we headed to the packed Ahern Fieldhouse for the women's volleyball game. Braving the cold, Maureen, Ally and I trekked to the football game. Maureen only had to brave the cold until she got to the press box. Ally and I braved the cold the entire game. If you didn't already know the outcome of the game, here it is:
my team won.
my other team lost.
Yes, I wore both colors: K-State t-shirt, Mizzou sweatshirt; both were covered by my neutral blue parka.

After the game, Maureen, Tom and I attempted to hit up Aggieville but the weather got nasty and we didn't stay out too late. We met up with Angela and her friend Lane. They were looking to a place to stay the night and I figured that since Hotel Brooks was already renting out rooms, why not have a couple more guests. Besides, my mom would be excited to have a couple of fellow Pi Phis in the house; she's overrun with Alpha Chis now that Ally's one, too.

So, that was the weekend. Fun times. I think I saw more Mizzou friends in town than my Manhattan friends. Most of my friends from home don't get off from school until Wednesday. Ha ha.

so i lied.
I don't have pictures. I have links to pictures. Yeah, I know they're about seven months late, but I finally had time to put together some of my London photos. Without a digital camera, they're a pain to scan and upload. You should feel lucky you get to see them at all. Maybe someday I'll find the time to learn how to put all the pictures on one website and have captions. Woah. For now, your mouse finger can get some excersise. Enjoy!

around London
Big Ben at day
Big Ben at dusk
King's Reach Tower, home of IPC Media and the office where I worked at Wedding & Home
My view from work
Westminster Cathedral
Tower Bridge (not London Bridge, for which it often is mistaken. London Bridge is now in Lake Havaseaud, AZ.)
Hugh Grant at the London premiere of Two Weeks Notice
Sandra Bullock at the London premiere of Two Weeks Notice
our flat Megan, Ellen, Mary Pat, Sarah, Careth and I lived in flat one, the first floor with the light on in the bay windows.

the six of us: Sarah, Careth, me, Megan, Ellen and Mary Pat
me and Ell at a Parisian cafe in Montmartre
Meg, Ell and MP
Meg and MP at a pizza stand in Covent Garden
Mary Pat creates our voice mail message in her fabulous British accent. It was so real that Ellen's mom didn't leave a message the first time she called because she thought she'd reached the wrong number
Sarah and me outside Earl's Court before the Paul McCartney concert.
Ell, MP and me ready for a night out in London. We didn't realize until on our way out the door that we were all wearing red pant, black tops. We broke some British hearts that night. ;)
Ell, Meg and me

Ellen, Elizabeth, Sarah and I before we leave Chicago for Heathrow
Ellen, Elizabeth and me
Elizabeth and Megan in the Parisian cafe
Happy Valentine's Day from Daniel, Laine, Ell, Brandon and me
Meg and Brandon at flat one's hoppin' wine and cheese party
the end of the night the killer wine and cheese party.
me and Doug (who attends SMS but whose brother dated my pledge daughter, Lane. he lived in the basement flat. small world, eh?)

Laine, Emily, me and Chrissy on the boat to Greenwich
Jon and Brandon straddle each other and the Prime Meridian
I do the splits across the Prime Meridian. I hadn't done the splits since dancing in high school. A bit sore afterwards. (and yes, I know the creep taking the picture of me....that'd be Jon.)

more to come later

I've been writing this on my dad's computer at work because ours at home takes about 3 days to boot up, when it decides to actually do so. I wonder what the students think about my dad having a pretty, young college student spending quality time in his private office.

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