dude, settle down
According to my stats, some of you check my blog every other minute. Is my life all that exciting to you?

other stat info
Some of my favorite searches that have led to my blog:
-smelly pointe shoes
-s@r@h m@gill the ho
-where to buy a leotard columbia mo
-aberdeen steakhouse london
-p@t he@ly new york times
-pearl tampon pictures
-brighton bag erica
-c@rson d@ly phone

Also, besides Pat's blog, Luke's is the website that people use the most to link to mine. I find that interesting not only because he hasn't updated his since September, but also because he has admitted that he doesn't read my blog. That means one of YOU uses his link. And uses it a lot. Who are you? Maybe we can join forces and convince him to start posting again.

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