Taking it Easy
I don't know if jet lag is still affecting me, of if I've just taken full advantage of the vacation mindset, but I've been sleeping in laaaaate the past few days. Usually I wake up on my own sometime around 8:30 a.m., but recently I've been sleeping in past 10:30 or 11 a.m. Hopefully I start waking up at a decent hour so I can spend the days exploring good ol' Londontown.

Last night I had a dream I had quit my job but hadn't left for my trip yet. But I kept waking up early and going in to work. It wasn't until I'd been working for at least an hour that I'd realize that I was no longer on payroll. But then I couldn't leave. I kept opening drawers and filing cabinets and seeing things I had forgotten to bring home with me. Important things, like boxes of Kleenex and a squishy worry ball thing in the shape of a silly face, things that I just couldn't do without, of course.

Yesterday I went to my old haunts on Hogarth Road near Earls Court. I rang the flat where I used to live and a nice Mizzou broadcast student let me poke my head in my old rooms. Things have really fallen apart since I lived there. The carpet's ripping up and the furniture is tearing and breaking. They do have Internet access on the one computer. I don't know if that's the best idea, honestly. The whole point of being in a foreign country is to get out and explore. I'm afraid that if we'd had Internet access in our flat, we would have spent a lot more time chatting with friends and family back home and a lot less time exploring the neighborhood. Not to mention that our impromptu Michael Jackson dance parties would have been fewer and farther in between since there would probably have been at least one of us glued to the computer screen at all times.

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