Quick Recap
Here's bit of a run-down of things I keep meaning to write about:

Once my parents arrived in London for my dad's choir tour, I got a bit more into sight-seeing mode. We did a scrumptious chocolate walking tour, hosted by Jon's cousin, Jen. I've never eaten so much absolutely fantastic chocolate in my life. The mint chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat (the "Tiffany's of chocolate" according to Jen) were earthy, divine and simply out of this world.

Later that day, after meeting Laura and Gino for tapas, my mom, dad and I attended Wicked. I've never seen an audience so into a musical like this one was. It was almost like being at a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening, complete with audience members dressed in costumes like the characters. No throwing toast or rice on stage, but the most enthusiastic cheers every time a major character entered the stage for the first time. After the wonderful show (better than the book, in my opinion), we were surprised to learn that half of the cast were members of the original London cast and had just performed their final show. Ahhh...so that's why the audience was so enthusiastic!

After my dad's choir's participation at Sunday services at Hinde Street Methodist Church (link to pics below), the three of us headed to Greenwich to straddle the Prime Meridian. A boat tour along the Thames followed.

New in London this Visit
+ PM Gordon Brown (duh!)
+ The design of the £20 notes
+ No smoking in pubs (yay! that means less laundry to do!)
+ Lots of work being done on the Victoria line
+ A bumper crop of recyling bins have appeared
+ The Cadbury Egg dispensers on the Tube platforms are all out of service

Same in London this Visit
+ The "eau de London," best described as a melding of scents including congestion, dampness and newsprint
+ My annoyance with people who can't read the "Stand on the Right" signs on the Tube escalators
+ The thrill of jumping through closing Tube doors just in time.

Á là Mode
The overwhelming new style trend here is leggings beneath everything. This is quite handy when you're from Phoenix and just can't accept wearing long pants every day. Leggings make skirts, dresses and shorts possible in this dreary weather. (see pictures for examples)


London 2007

Dayspring Chorale - London

Chocolate Ecstasy Walking Tour of London


Dayspring Chorale - Edinburgh


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