What I've Learned, 2006 edition
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+ Drugs are amazing. Steroids in particular. Result: bye-bye sore throat.

+ I have more magazine subscriptions than I can keep track of. This doesn't bother me except when I realize I've missed an issue of Texas Monthly.

+ Rosemary makes just about any main course taste even better.

+ Having a social life cuts into my book-completion rate, but that's ok.

+ I'm still way too easily distracted.

+ Actually doing what my trainer tells me to do gets results.

+ A budget is a freeing thing.

+ Cats are easier to take care of than dogs.

+ Single women in their 30s (or at least the single women in their 30s who hire me to house-sit) do not eat healthy. It seems that fruits and veggies are foreign objects in their kitchens.

+ Acting like you know what you're doing really does buy you time to figure out what you're supposed to be doing.

+ A handful of fine chocolates and a couple glasses of wine can make a meal.

+ A Bandit makes everything better.

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