Go IntroDooce Yourself*
The Chinese may have proclaimed 2006 as the Year of the Dog, but I will remember it as the Year of the Dooce. For those of you unfamiliar with Heather B. Armstrong, well, where do you get your daily dose of dry, hyperbolic humor? She cracks me up with her wit and outlook on life as a wife, mother, dog owner and recovering Mormon. And she designs pretty mastheads and takes amazing pictures. I believe we could be great friends. She's the type of person you talk about boobs and farts with while drinking alcoholic coffees before moving on to the lighter topics of global warming and the effect depression has on families. If you need an overview, let me help:

+ Evolution of the Mormon Cusser
+ Drunken Underpants Remodeling Again
+ Side Effects May Include Miscommunication
+ Having Dated Walking Red Flags
+ Even More Important Than a Pop Tart

Please tell me you laughed at least once while reading those.

*Megan was the one who introdooced me.

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