It May Look Simple Here, But This Sucker Requires a College Degree to Strap Yourself in
I bought a backpack this weekend. But not just any backpack. This is my new Journey to the Center of My Soul backpack by REI. I want to take it into work just so I can zip and unzip all the zipping parts, clasp and unclasp all the clasping parts and tell everyone, "Look! This is where I can portion off my dirty clothes or hiking shoes! And here? Here is where you zip away the straps so they don't get caught in the conveyor belt if I decide to check my luggage (even though it's small enough to take as my carry-on). And you won't believe this! The sternum strap has a built-in whistle. It's like a rape whistle! That'll keep those Italians from clucking at me!"

Man I miss Show and Tell.

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