There's nothing "urgent" in the way Urgent Care conducts its business
Or, Why I'm definitely unfit for mamahood

There's no "care" in Urgent Care, for that matter. Lesson learned: Do not handle glass around children. Murphy's Law clearly states that it will break. Don't worry, though, you'll clean it up...with your bare feet. (Note: no child was harmed in this story, only the individual entrusted with said child's safety.) I spent 2 hours at Urgent Care to see the only doc on duty only to have him numb my foot, dig around for a little bit, bandage it up and say, "Well, I'm not sure I got any glass out. You shouldn't submerge it in water for about two days, so I wouldn't swim, take a bath or shower for a while." Excuse me? I'm sure my coworkers would appreciate that. A couple hours later when the feeling returned to my foot I confirmed that indeed, he did not get the shard of glass out of my foot. Wah wah.

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