Allow me to repeat myself
You might have received the following email from me. If so, no need to read any further. If not, please continue:

So, here's the deal: Monday Night Football is just three and a half weeks away, and the local Phoenix Mizzou Alum club has a scholarship fundraiser that gives you a chance each week to win $50 depending on the outcome of the Monday Night Football games. There's no need for skill, in-depth knowledge of pro football teams and players, or even for you to follow the game. You don't even have to like football! Basically, for only $20 you buy a numbered booklet, and each week a winner is determined based on the score of Monday's football game. It's totally random, no number has a higher chance of winning over the others, and you have the same chance each week. And once you make your donation to the scholarship fund, you don't even need to watch the games. If you win -- poof! a $50 check arrives in your mailbox. Just ask my friend Pat, he won last year. Weekly emails congratulating the winners are sent by our club president, Jill. The money raised goes 100% toward scholarships for local students to attend Mizzou.

Let me know if you're interested, I'll send you a booklet with all the games and the info you need to know, and I'll email you info about whom to make the check out to and where to send it, etc. And if you need any more motivation, know that I made the booklets this year and had to create them in Microsoft Word, which is, well, quite the challenge to put it mildly. I only have a few books left to sell, so please let me know soon if you'd like to participate.

Of course, I can't just ask for your money, so I'm going to share a fun little video I made of our puppy, Bandit, showing his team spirit:

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