Playing concierge
Sarah's coming! Sarah's coming! Only four more days until Sarah comes! I was compiling a list of options of things the two of us could do during her stay, and I decided to try to entice more friends to come visit by including the list here. Come visit! You know you want to!

+ Lounge in the heated spa, sipping Knock-You-Naked Margaritas.
+ Take Bandit on a walk to the neighborhood coffee shop where we will sit outside by the "lake" drinking chai lattes and mochas, while solving the world's problems.
+ Repeat coffee-drinking and world-solving at the Willow House in the hip Willo District "gay-borhood" (as Pat would say).
+ Go on a rigorous hike up Camelback or Squaw Peak.
+ Take advantage of hip second-hand bookstore Changing Hands' new year's day book sale, wandering the aisles of books and discovering new treasures.
+ Wander around cute Old Town Scottsdale and then...
+ Head out for a night of drinking and dancing at Devil's Martini or...
+ Have dinner at Malee's Thai restaurant and get our auras read (cue Twilight Zone theme).
+ Do the girlie thing and get our nails done at Amsterdam on Martini and Manicures Mondays.
+ Wander around the remaining big holiday light displays: ZooLights or Glendale Glitters.
+ Check out open mic night at Alice Cooper'stown.
+ Go wine-tasting at Red Kangaroo Wines
+ Get cultured at the Phoenix Art Museum (current special exhibits: photography by well-known artists like Dorthea Lange and Richard Avedon; and the history of lingerie)
[EDIT] + There's also a roller skating rink by my house where I've been wanting to relive my elementary school days of roller skate parties. Do you remember those? Oh, so much fun!

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