Berry Chridmad
I woke up yesterday to find the annual Christmas cold/sinus infection had performed a sneak attack and captured me in the middle of the night. My esophagus felt like it had shrunk to the size of a Q-tip® shaft, my throat glands had swollen to the size of jawbreakers, and my head felt like a helium balloon was pushing against my sinuses and making my head float up and a little to the right of the rest of my body. At the Christmas Eve service at Dayspring (best church ever), I put the "silent" in "Silent Night" as I mouthed the words to the traditional service-closer. The throat feels much better today, thankyouverymuch.

A very Brooksy Christmas

The pic that accompanied the annual Brooks family Christmas card. Bandit could totally be a Purina dog chow model, doncha think?

Peace, yo
I hope you've had the chance to celebrate the birth of a truly wise man today.

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