the day steve nash came to my work
Or, things that make Erica freak out unnecessarily, part one.

There I was, chatting away with a coworker, when a slice of the Western Conference Finals walked right past her window. Mr. greesey-haired NBA MVP himself, just five feet and a pane of glass away from me. And boy am I glad that one-way, (relatively) sound-proof pane of glass was there. Otherwise I could have really embarassed myself with my octave-above-speaking-level screeches of, "Hey! That's Steve Nash! Steve Nash is walking by our window!" as I pressed my face up against the glass to try to get a better view. Our attempt (disguised as a bathroom run) to intercept him in the corridor was necessary, but alas, we missed him. Sigh. I recently moved my computer across the room so I could have a window seat and a view of the mountains, and now I wonder how many times I missed the visit of Phoenix's favorite Canadian. My eyes will be glued to that window from now on. Well...maybe not tomorrow, as the Suns will be in San Antonio, hopefully pulling out a win on the road.

things that make erica freak out unnecessarily, part two
The highlight of last night's screening of The Longest Yard came when Adam Sandler and Chris Rock were holding tryouts for the prison football team.
SANDLER: Has anyone here ever played football?
SANDLER: Where did you play?
MAN W/ GINORMOUS BELLY: Kansas State. [See Erica look wildly from side to side to see if anyone else noticed the reference to her original home team.]
SANDLER: Really? With Coach Snyder? [See Erica nearly jump out of her chair and cover her mouth with her hands to keep from exclaiming, "I know Bill Snyder! He used to sit across the aisle from me in church!"]
MAN W/ GINORMOUS BELLY: No. Kansas State Prison. [See Erica think of funny comeback: "There's no such thing as the Kansas State Prison! Just kU."]

more granola, please!
Tomorrow we're off to the Grand Canyon. I'm totally psyched for some hiking of the Big Ditch.

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