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the quiz
To occupy your ALCOS needs while I am out of the country, I bring the first ever How Well Do You Know Erica? Quiz. First things first. The prize: homemade cookies sent to your mailbox, awarded to the person who submits to most correct answers by midnight (Pacific Time) on May 2 (the day I return from London). Submissions should be by email to: eleighbrooks[at]yahoo[dot]com. Questions take the form of multiple choice and fill in the blank. Incorrect multiple choice answers will not penalize you. Answers to the questions are not limited to this blog. No bonus points will be awarded, but humorous answers/comments may be posted publicly if the proctor (ahem - me) deems them funny enough to share. Have no fear, Retka will not be allowed to cheat while I am staying with her. It's not as intense as Clark's exam, but I had some fun with it. Who knows, maybe there will be more than one winner...

You may pick up your No. 2 pencils and begin.

1. Who is the source of inspiration for the subhead ("off to see the world") on this blog?
A. Frank Sinatra
B. The Beatles
C. Guster
D. Bob Dylan

2. What is the name of Erica's home computer?

3. What car is Erica saving up for?
A. another Honda Accord
B. Toyota RAV-4
C. Honda Civic Hybrid
D. Ford Focus

4. What was the name of the cat that terrorized Erica both awake and in her dreams?
A. Gus
B. Cassie
C. Sophie
D. Ally

5. Erica had 15 different roommates in college (including the summer she lived in CoMo). Name at least seven of them. (A point will be awarded for each correct roommate.)

6. Where did Erica receive the worst sunburn of her life?
A. The back porch of Alpha Chi
B. Barcelona, Spain
C. Winter Park, Colo.
D. Nice, France

7. Who turned Erica on to Harry Potter?
A. her mother
B. her sister
C. K. Jeffries
D. E. Tuttle

8. Which one of the following is Erica's favorite consumer mag?
A. Esquire
B. Real Simple
C. Entertainment Weekly
D. Budget Travel

9. Which of the following is Erica's favorite city/regional mag?
A. Texas Monthly
B. Chicago Magazine
C. Los Angeles Magazine
D. Boston Magazine

10. Where was Erica headed when she got separated from her friends on the European Rail System?
A. Venice
B. London
C. Paris
D. Rome

11. Match the music group with the year of Erica's college life that heavily featured said group.
A. Coldplay
B. U2
C. Guster

a. Freshman
b. Sophomore
c. Junior
d. Senior

12. Where did Erica work her senior year of college? (choose more than one)
A. the Artisan
B. the MU Licensing office
C. the MU News Bureau
D. the MU Marketing office

13. What was Erica's regular drink at the Artisan?
A. Latté w/ Bailey's
B. Mocha Chai
C. Mocha
D. Earl Gray Tea

14. What was Erica's minor?
A. Graphic Design
B. Religious Studies
C. French
D. Just kidding - she didn't have one

15. What song is Erica's number-one guilty pleasure song?
A. "Bye Bye Bye" by *nSync
B. "Oops, I Did it Again" by Mama Britney Spears
C. "Yeah" by Usher
D. "Vogue" by Madonna

16. What is Erica's favorite color?
A. Yellow
B. Light blue
C. Light green
D. Purple

17. Which of the following has Erica not read since starting her "Currently reading" sidebar nugget-thing?
A. The Grapes of Wrath
B. The DaVinci Code
C. My Misspent Youth
D. The Cider House Rules

18. Which of the following was not a reason Erica gave as a sign that Phoenix life would be good?
A. The 20-minute drive to the airport
B. See's Candy Shops
C. The backyard pool
D. The lack of snow

19. Who is Erica's favorite sports columnist? (Fill in the blank)

20. Which of the following was not a favorite instructor of Erica's? (class descriptions for the benefit of any non-MU quiz-takers)
A. J. Moe||er (Magazine Editing)
B. J. Co|bert (Magazine Design)
C. B. Co||ins (History of the 60s)
D. S. Fr¡esen (Old & New Testament)

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