cowbois and indians
Family was in town this week. We were on our way to the Heard Museum about Native Americans, but we got caught in the start of a gay pride parade going down Central Avenue. At the outset it looked like any normal parade with Spongebob Squarepants. Then the costumes started getting a little more interesting. And what parade is complete without drag queen royalty?

let's play six degrees of separation
I always learn lots when around family. Example: My grandfather used to double-date with Janet Leigh when they were both in high school. WHAT?!?! It took my mother nearly 23 years to tell me this?!?!? I was thoroughly disappointed in her. I'm not much for scary movies, but now I have to watch Psycho.

The Six Degrees of Separation discussion led to my father divulging that a former collegue (Chip) of his from K-State once dated Ellen DeGeneres while they were both living in Wichita. How can my parents keep such fantastic knowledge to themselves?!?! Do you realize this totally puts me in connection with Jason Bateman?
me–->Chip-->Ellen-->Portia de Rossi-->Bateman

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