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The aniticipation of travel is a lot like the early stages of falling in love: You choose a destination, an adventure, a culture that makes your pulse race, your heart leap. When you arrive, you don't know if it will turn out to be a casual flirtation, a torrid affair, a long-term relationship -- or if, in the end, after all the planning and expectation, you'll find out there's just no chemistry.
-"When We Take Travel to Heart" Daisann McLane, National Geographic Traveler May/June 2005

Following the metaphor above, I'm returning to an old flame in two days, and I'm two parts jumping out of my skin with excitement and one part nervous that London has moved on to other loves, that the old chemistry just won't be there.

Nah...who am I kidding? I'm all parts jumping out of my skin with excitement.

up next:
A Clark-like quiz.

I totally just accidently closed the window with my completed-but-not-yet-published post. My heart was calmed and my curses quieted when I tested the "Recover post" option that Blogger recently added and found my intact post. Thank you, Blogger!!!!

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