the requisite end-of-year post
Yeah, so it's late. You should know me by now; I'm never on time. Except to work. There I'm the only one on time.

new in 2004
+ Black robes and that funny hat
+ Books on tape/CD
+ Engagements and broken engagements
+ Website creation (and later, demolition)
+ Short hair (I'm trying to grow it out again, but now it just looks like shaggy crap)
+ A grown-up wallet
+ Living with a cat who changed my opinions about cats.
+ No rent when living with the 'rents
+ A "real" job.
+ A 401(k)
+ Being called the "AP Style Nazi"
+ Business cards
+ Driving the mom-mobile green minivan
+ The Format
+ The Postal Service
+ An obsession with David Sedaris
+ Going over my cell phone minutes
+ A contribution to my local NPR station (I'm becoming more and more like my parents...)
+ Paying to work out at a gym (see: reasons why I miss MU)
+ Became rewarded Phoenix Film Festival judge

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