10 more things you never knew about erica*
1. I love - LOVE - Broccoli Cheese soup, especially from Panera or Safeway.
2. In fourth grade, I placed third in a community-wide music composition contest. I composed a piano song called "Springtime Frolic." (Frolic? What fourth-grader uses the word "frolic"?)
3. In high school I subscribed to Seventeen because I wanted the horoscopes, a feature not appearing in the Manhattan Mercury.
4. My elementary school music teacher was Mrs. Huffanagel. We called her "Mrs. Half-a-bagel."
5. I am so over Details.
6. I used to be able to do the splits.
7. I've seen Shoji Tabuchi in concert in Branson twice. (Family vacations, people.)
8. I got a B in eighth grade reading. My only B in my secondary education and a grade I still protest to this day.
9. Handwriting fonts turn me off. Slab serifs turn me on.
10. When I started looking at colleges, I thought I wanted to be in sports medicine/therapy. I then found out I'd have to go to school for more than four years.

*A Leaky Cauldron, of Sorts does not guarantee that these will be news to everyone

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