i told you you'd be jealous of my house
Where were you, thorough NYT readers - ahem, Fiscus - a month ago when my house appeared in the Times? My mom just got back from visiting Manhattan and brought with her a copy of the article*† Fred Brock had written about his move from the Big Apple to the Little Apple. There on page 10 of the real estate section are he and his wife standing in my old driveway! Crazy. (Said with the inflection and tone of Ben Fong-Torres as portrayed in Almost Famous.) Too bad the online archives don't include images.

typical east coast attidude
"While the move to Kansas was a financial plus, some of our New York friends seemed to think we were falling into a black hole somewhere west of the Hudson River. Living in a university town, however, has many of the cultural pleasures of the big city without the hassle or expense." - Fred Brock

*Requires registration.
†My house isn't mentioned until the 11th paragraph.

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