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Goodbye John Ashcroft. Maybe once he's gone, Bank One will finally process my credit card application. I blame the Patriot Act for it taking more than seven weeks to approve my credit. In time, I could have received two frisbies, three t-shirts, a pair of sunglasses and a keychain from the credit card vendors outside Dominos on campus. I'm starting to wonder if the "rewards" for this special card are worth it.

I submitted to Esquire my own version of "What I've Learned." If anything looks familiar, it's because I've pulled from previous blog posts and emails:

It's easy to find someone to drink with. It's more challenging, and thus more rewarding, to find someone whose presence you enjoy after you have each been drinking.

It's hard to have a good day when you're wearing uncomfortable shoes.

If you talk like you know what you're doing and act like you know what you're doing, people will treat you like you know what you're doing. That gives you the time to figure out what the hell you're supposed to be doing.

E-mails tend to circulate. Never write anything down that you don't want falling into the wrong hands.

After eating many meals alone, I've learned to appreciate good dinner conversations.

Just about any photograph looks artsy in black and white.

I consider myself a very tolerant person; I can get along with just about everyone. Ironically, though, the people I am most intolerant of are the people I consider intolerant.

Office phone systems are more confusing than a computer network.

As stressful as the job hunt was, there was always that lining of expectancy, the opportunity for a great adventure. Now everything is defined by deadlines and the 9-5.

This having a job thing, it's kinda weird. I feel like I am constantly acting, pretending to be someone much more knowledgeable and more creative than I actually am.

The more I talk to people who speak in terms of black and white, the more convinced I am of life's shades of gray.

God is bigger than my doubts and bigger than my beliefs as well.

Moving is hard. It takes time to get used to a new place. You have to scream a little, cry a little, dream a little there and soon it becomes a place full of you.

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