the first time i voted, i voted for bush
Fortunately, my vote didn't count, as it was a "Kid Vote" activity in my third grade class. The activity, though, taught me my very first political lesson. When I came home from school, my mom asked who I'd voted for. I told her Bush, because "I didn't know how to spell the other guy's name." As a 10-year-old, I recognized the word "bush." Dukakis, however sounded foreign to me. My mom then proceeded to lecture me about the responsibilities of being an informed voter, of voting for someone because of what they believe in and stand for, not because of some superficial reason like you don't like the sound of their name. Ok, so maybe she didn't lecture me; she probably made some comment about how as an adult, I should know the issues before voting. It sure stuck with me, though. For a long time, I refused to understand politics. The issues didn't seem to affect me, and they were so far removed from my important day-to-day routine of getting my English paper written or figuring out whether Tucker liked me. Until recently, I probably would have had superficial reasons influencing my vote. I don't know if it has just been a matter of learning to understand the world and nation around me and my role in it, or if I have surrounded myself with people who care and thus spur me on to care as well, or if this election has really hit a strong chord with/against my beliefs. Whatever caused my switch from apathy to interest, though must be at work within all voters, because voter apathy seems to be gone this time around. And I think that's a good thing.

In this time of introspection.
On the eve of [the] election...

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