this weekend i...
...went to a martini bar and tried to have fun with people I don't know.
...went to the ASU football game while depending on Dan and J-Dub to call me with updates on the Mizzou Homecoming game.
...did a lot of window shopping and found nothing I liked. Did some damage at Borders, however.
...caught up with old friends: Retka, Ben, Emili.
...watched games 1 & 2.
...cooked Sunday dinner.
...read Esquire while sitting on the grass next to a pond with the sun shining down on my back and bare arms.
...wrote some letters.
...ignored the flashing lights and dings coming from the mom-mobile's dashboard and drove on.

this week i will...
...pare down the stack of magazines next to my bed in need of being read.
...begin implementing change where it is needed at work.
...house/kid sit for my dad's boss (the dean of the school of architecture) while he hob-nobs with the ASU president and some bigwigs at a resort in Mexico.
...not post on this blog. If you want to know what's going on in my life, call or email.*
...not read your blog. If you want me to know what's going on in your life, call or email.*
...celebrate my dad's birthday. (synomous with eating cheesecake)

*I call this my blog strike. I've become too much of an obsessive blog checker. I hope by going on a blog strike, I will curb my need to check blogs multiple times a day.

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