hit me
Tonight I'm going out to one of the local casinos with a girl I've met once, her friend and her friend's co-workers. We will see a show, maybe hit the slots and after a couple rounds of drinks, I will have friends.

because i miss those "i'm mike mincer and i want to be your jeweler" ads
I've been listening to BXR via their Web site live audio stream. It's great to hear Simon Rose's British accent and funny to hear them trying so hard to plug "The District." Also, when the Tigers don't play on national TV, I can catch the play-by-play. They've been starting every hour with a Bob Dylan tune in honor of his return to Columbia. It brings me back to the Dylan concert Tuttle, Kate and I went to freshman year. I bought a poster there that read: "Bob Dylan - live!" Since when is a concert not live?

I was not keen on the new U2 song until I saw the iPod commercial. Now I'm counting on my fingers in Spanish just like Bono.

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