from the peanut gallery
Setting: eating dinner while watching tonight's debate.
BUSH: ...I pray for my daughters everyday...
MY DAD: "Please, God, don't let them embarrass me today."
BUSH: ...When I pray, my mind goes calm...
MY DAD: Because there isn't anything there to begin with. A blank mind is a calm mind.

those dirty ex-patriots
I got the following email a week or so ago from someone I know very well (no one you know, unless through one of those freakish small-world experiences). I wasn't going to post it publicly, but it really bothered me. It hurts because the comments de-value the efforts of a friend of mine to recruit American citizens living overseas to register to vote. I cherish my right to vote and the right of all Americans to play an active role in our government and for someone, someone I admire, to truly believe that another American is less-worthy to vote really angers me.

Heads up!! It is a MUST that we go out to vote and we get others out to vote! We must pray, we must do our part.......part of our freedom as Americans...........to keep our freedom as Americans! To keep the values which we hold as Biblical principals. Finally, we have a President willing to stand up for them.............are we willing to stand up for him? Or them? [...] Let us take action TODAY and each day before the election! They have record numbers of out-of-country absentee ballots...here's a question for you......do you want people not even living here in our country, nor getting news which even depicts America in a positive light much less a President who stands for something, electing our President?? I for one do not.* They have a right to vote if they are citizens but so do we and so we should! Complacency needs to be replaced with action by those willing to stand together and defend. Send an email. Drive an elderly to the polls. Let's DO something together! May God Bless and have mercy on America.

*Emphasis added

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