they grow up so fast
My sister has started a blog.

i won't be able to walk right for weeks
I joined a gym last week. Believe me, it was a big deal. It took me three weeks to get to the point I was ready to make a commitment. I miss the Rec where I didn't feel bad for not going because I wasn't paying for it. Actually, this will be good. They set you up with a trainer once a month to help you keep track of your fitness goals (and to make sure you don't leave them). Chris, or C-Mac as he said I could call him, was one hard-ass trainer. He put me through only four exercises for legs and by the end of the half-hour, my muscles were spazing like a mother. Sheesh I'm out of shape. And now, I'm still sore; I start down the stairs and just keep on going, with no muscle control whatsoever. C-Mac was pretty cool. Turns out that he grew up with Wesley Stokes and Travon Bryant. Therefore, I am cool (and a fantastic baller, too) by association.

i think i am in love with peter o'toole, circa 1966
I watched How To Steal A Million, the old Audrey Hepburn flick, last night. It was quite enjoyable.

+Phoenix has no nightlife. The downtown was dead after 10 pm Friday. Of course, it was the holiday weekend; but I've seen the roads just as barren other weekends. Everyone goes to the suburbs after sundown.
+People call the highways and interstates "The 101" or "The 60." I don't think I ever heard anyone say they were taking The 70 from Columbia to KC/StL.
+There is a grocery store every square mile.

*a limited-time feature, brought back from the old days in England

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