10 things you never knew* about erica
+ I used to lock myself in the bathroom and read Nancy Drew novels.
+ At age 15 I drove an hour from Manhattan to Salina, Kan., spent a day there and drove back, by myself. My parents still don't know.
+ [Edited out]
+ In fourth grade, my friend Jennifer and I started a "Save the Earth Club." I was president. We met on a dirt mound behind my house in the middle of a construction plot.
+ In sixth grade, Jennifer and I started a newspaper/newsletter for our class. I was editor. We produced one issue: a St. Patrick's Day issue.
+ I cried when the boys taunted Dumbo at the beginning of the movie; I cried so hard my mom had to take me out of the theater. They weren't being very nice!
+ I gag even at the thought of eating refried beans or split pea soup.
+ My first elementary school crush had been a Huggies model when he was a baby.
+ My first magazine subscription was to Highlights. My most recent subscriptions include Desert Living, Boston, Texas Monthly, and National Geographic Traveler, among others.
+ I worked for an insurance agency for a summer. With that experience, you'd think I would have better understood the insurance unit in Personal and Family Finance last spring. Not so, my friends, not so.

*The author of this site cannot guarantee that this will be news to everyone.

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