recent events
+ Visited Erin in Tucson.
+ Had lunch with my cousin Kelsey at a fabulous Italian restaurant. Took away enough leftovers for two more lunches later in the week.
+ Was everso rudely interupted by waitress at said restaurant, telling me that "liquid was spurting out all over" from my van in the parking lot.
+ Took the mom-mobile to Pep Boys. Left Tucson 5 hours and $225 later.
+ Burned my bottom lip on some really hot coffee.
+ Played the "One word, two words, or hyphenated" game many times.
+ Relied on the editorial prowess of several of my friends to solve querries.
+ Went to a Diamondbacks game with my mother and grandfather for free, on tickets from my editor. Walked away with coupons for a free chaulpa from Taco Bell and free Big Mac and Egg McMuffins from Mickey D's.
+ Put out a magazine.

upcoming events
+ Replacing Jack's face out of pocket. The moving company refuses to cover the cost.
+ Test-driving some cars.
+ The ASU football game. (It's weird to cheer for a team you don't really care about.)
+ Write/call the friends I've been neglecting.

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