yo mama
I had my mom take “The Culture War quiz” in this month’s Esquire. She scored 54 points, placing her in the category described thus: “You live in an ashram in Berkeley, own five “legalize pot” T-shirts, and drove your electric car to vote for Nader.” That’s about half-right. She did grow up in Berkeley and she thinks it would be “real cool” to own an electric car; but she teaches (taught?) middle school health and adorns her classroom walls with “This is your brain on drugs”-type posters and thinks Nader is a bit of a joke. I don’t think the quiz expected the same person give the following answers to questions:

Q: How do you feel about the pope saying that Sunday is for God, not sports?
A: He’s right. (-5 points)

Q: Bob Woodward’s book Plan of Action showed that…
A: Bush is a deluded, warmongering Jesus freak. (+5 points)

hello my friend
Ran into an old flame* today. There he was, ready to take my order of a single mocha at Radina’s coffee shop. Woah, that was weird. Totally out of place, since Manhattan was not the locale of our meeting. It’s time for me to get out of Kansas.

*That phrase makes me think of 36-year-old women trying to relive their twenties. I use it in jest.

gone again
Leaving for Phoenix Friday. Be back in a week.

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