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partying with the brookses
Last night the Brooks backyard was jumpin'. More than 125 people came for the Congratulations on the New Job/Good Luck on the Move/Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary/Christmas in July Party that Ally and I threw for our parents. When we started telling people a few weeks ago that we'd be moving, almost always, the first response was, "So I guess that's the end of the Christmas Eve parties." You see, for nearly 20 years, we have hosted one hell of a party on Christmas Eve. We've joked that if we ever decided to celebrate the holiday at one of the grandparents' homes, we'd have to leave a key to the house under the doormat so the party could rage on despite our absence. People we don't see all year will suddenly turn up Christmas Eve, sometimes even if we hadn't specifially sent an invitation. It's just tradition.

So, Ally and I decided to give Manhattan one more Christmas Eve at our place. It was great fun and we had a good turn out. Almost the entire Landscape Architecture Dept. was there, and it seemed like half of the town's middle school teachers were too. Our former youth director even drove three hours from Chanute (leaving behind Fred Phelps and his protestors to picket the gay-friendly church where she is now senior pastor) and back home just for a two-hour party. It's really neat to see how much our parents have meant to people here, whether it be at the University, the middle schools, the two churches we've attended or just the community in general. And 25 years of marriage - woo-hoo!

What'll Manhattan do without us? We might have to leave behind a guest list and the grasshopper torte recipe for the Brocks (the new residents of 3336 Newbury); there might be a few people turning up at their doorstep Dec. 24.

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