signs that life in PHX will be good
+ An abundance of See's candy stores
+ Unique restaurants outnumber chain restaurants
+ Three words: Chandler Fashion Mall
+ I say it again: we have a pool
+ It's a 20-minute drive from our house to the airport. In rush hour traffic. Compare that to 2h20m from Manhattan to KCI.
+ I don't sweat in Arizona. I'm drenched by the time I walk from my car to the front door in the Midwest.

sign that PHX needs me
- There seems to be only one Democratic candidate yard sign in all of the East Valley. No exaggeration. I saw one the whole week.

top pick-up line for the phoenix metro area
"May I cut your hair?" In my first two days in the Valley, I had two 20-something guys approach me at different times and tell me they were hair stylists and they would love to cut my hair. Either I really need a new style or Phoenix really is a different culture.

The movers came to pack yesterday. They're loading the van this afternoon. We spend all day Thursday cleaning. Friday we sign the house away and drive off into the sunset.

technical difficulties
According to the browser, I apparently have errors in my template. For the past three months I have tried (half-heartedly) to fix them. I'll give a cookie to whoever figures out what's up. Also, due to our computers being in boxes now, I've been using the neighbor's Internet connection. Is it just her computer, or is all the regular text smaller than the astericked (sp?) side-notes?

your reading assignment for the week:*
Democracy in the Balance. by Bill Moyers.

*Because I wish I were as cool as Fiscus.

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