All Sorts of Photos

I'm bombarding you with the last of my international pictures. Below are a few of my favorites. Following the pics are links to the albums. In total, I think I took more than 5,000 pictures on this trip. That makes the 850+ I've uploaded to share with you seem like barely a glimpse of the past 3 months. I keep thinking of stories and happenings that I've neglected to share here on this blog. I think I'll share bits and pieces here for the next few weeks. Then I'll get on with living in the present. For now, enjoy the pictures. Somewhere in there is a challenge for you (a prize can be won!). Photos from San Francisco will come soon.

Fruit and veg stand in the Cameron Highlands

Hungry monkey at the Batu Caves outside KL

Petronas Towers

Sushi dinner in Melaka

Vietnamese hooker and Jonathan in Singapore. I love the way their eyes draw you around the picture!

Mel with camera on Manly Beach

Steps up to the Sydney Opera House

Crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge by night


Cameron Highlands

Kuala Lumpur




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