Terra Incognita Endorsements
The Grand Canyon Trek Version

+ A Camelbak filled first with ice, then with water will actually stay cold the whole hike down.
+ Flip flops for wearing around the camp when you can't stand to be in your hiking shoes any longer.
+ A disposition unspoiled by wearing the same pair of underwear two sweaty days in a row.
+ A bandana to wet and wear around your neck to cool down.
+ Talking to fellow hikers along the trail.
+ Learning German so as to communicate with half the hikers along the trail. I don't think I've ever been so self-concious of my status as an American in my own country before.
+ Rim-side indulgences such as ice cream, a full-sized pillow and hot, 5-minute showers.
+ A hiking companion willing to massage the sorest calves you've ever had.

Terr Incognita Un-endorsements
The Grand Canyon Trek Version

+ The unnecessary rain fly and poles when camping in June. It's true that an ounce at the start of the hike is a pound at the end.
+ Half-eaten packs of tuna. If you bring the tuna down, eat it all, otherwise you'll smell it all the way up and the scent infuses into your backpack so much that even 5 days later you find the dog delieriously licking the inside of your pack.
+ Bug spray that spills all over same said backpack. (There's no returning it now!)
+ Extra clothes you think you might need. You won't actually need them.
+ Trail mix – damn stuff is heavier than you think, and the chocolate melts. If you're set on bringing it (because it does taste pretty good and offers an alternative to peanut butter crackers and jerky) eat as much as you can on the way down so you don't have to lug it up the canyon walls.

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