International Scavenger Hunt, of Sorts

The countdown to my departure is getting quite low. In just one week I'll be boarding a trans-Atlantic flight to Heathrow and won't set foot back in the States for another 90-ish days. Whew! Of course, I plan to update the blog as often as Internet cafes are available and I don't have something better to be doing, like practicing my Thai on the locals or trying to learn to like beer on a Munich pub crawl. In efforts to make this trip somewhat interactive, I've stolen an idea I read in Budget Travel a few months back. Between now and next Thursday, I'm asking for your picture requests. Now, this is no boring, me-in-front-of-the-Eiffel-Tower picture hunt. I want your wacky and challenging photo requests. For example, here's a request I've already gotten in:

Me standing on the slope between the up and down side of an escalator, accompanied by a total stranger, both of us pretending to surf, taken by another total stranger.

Ideas could involve food, transportation, well-known monuments, people. Your requests can involve me in the frame or not and they can reference specific countries or be general. The only stipulations (that I can think of right now) are that your requests be creative, that they not require nudity (at least on my behalf), and that they not involve anything illegal (my grandparents will be reading this, folks!). Please submit all your photo ideas as a comment to this post so I have a list all in one place. As each image is successfully captured, I'll post it to the blog for your amusement. All ideas need to be submitted by next Thursday.

Ready, set, go!

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