'Tis the Season, You Know
I was going to take a nap in anticipation of making it through this evening's 11:00 Christmas Eve service, but I decided instead to pour myself a shot of Bailey's and write a religiously inspired blog post about how I do not believe in the virgin birth. But the Bailey's got the better of me; my blathering became a little too much, so I decided to spare you a long-winded explanation of why I think the Christmas story is mostly a well-intentioned literary device to draw a people into the captivating story of the life of the most influential man who has ever lived. And now my window to nap has passed.

On that note, happy Christmas to you all. I hope you have a chance to experience some of the best that this holiday has to offer.

PS - Yo tech-alicious friends! How do I work with this new label function in Blogger? How do I change where it appears and how it looks on each page? And how do I add a list of labels to the sidebar?

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