If you don't like the words "anal" or "poop," well, you've already read too far
So you know the scooting around on their butts thing that dogs do? Apparently that's caused when a dog can't empty his anal sacs. Bandit spent Monday morning in the vet's office where they emptied his impacted anal glands. Today, he started scooting again and he couldn't poop properly. Fortunately I had the day off from work, so I made my first visit to the vet. The poor puppy could sense something was up; he cowered and shook in the back seat of Yolanda the Honda the whole ride. He looked so pathetically cute, I about lost it. If I nearly cry when taking the dog to the vet, I'm going to be a wreck the first time I have to take my child to the doctor.

The real purpose in telling you all this, though, is that in the process of trolling the internets for information about impacted anal glands, I ran across the most fantastic website that explains it all. And by "fantastic" I mean "has interactive diagrams." Where else can you play a little game of "Drag the Vet Tech's Hand to the Dog's Anus, Fish Around Inside, and Remove a Poopy Cloth"? I mean, seriously.

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