Birthday Girl
Yesterday was my sister's 21st birthday. Leave her a belated birthday wish on her Xanga site if you feel like it.

Giving of Thanks
Pictures of the weekend.
Our house was full of family and friends this weekend. Both sets of grandparents made the trek to Arizona for a warm holiday celebration. Saturday we had our annual Orange Pancake Breakfast, which may just be my favorite day of the year. We had the comfort of family, neighbors and friends over for orange sourdough pancakes (best pancakes ever), and it was almost like the days of crowded dinner parties with old friends in Manhattan.

Requisite Cheese
Things I'm thankful for:
+ Bandit, cutest puppy ever
+ My view of the mountains through the scaffolding of the building being constructed in front of my work window.
+ Figuring out how to filter out the 200+ spam messages delivered to my work email over the weekend. (I had been able to avoid all spamming until now.)
+ The 40º "cold snap," that lets me pretend winter is here. Turtleneck sweaters! Yay!
+ Yolanda the Honda's current mileage: 43.5 mpg
+ Mom's Chocolate Pecan Pie
+ Baby Viviane's babbling
+ Barb, the irreverent, 60ish-year-old lesbian in our Sunday School class
+ Coffee-mate's Cinnamon Vanilla Crème creamer
+ Leftovers for lunch
+ Jeffrey Sachs
+ Grey's Anatomy, even though I totally forgot to tape it and Desperate Housewives last night while we were out for Ally's birthday dinner.

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