the polls have been closed
The votes have been tabulated and the results are as follows:

FIRBOLT 6 votes (17.65%)
GRNMCHN 3 votes (8.82%)
2CZWRLD 12 votes (35.29%)
COMICNO 2 votes (5.88%)
MIZURAH 3 votes (8.82%)
300DPI 8 votes (23.53%)

Total: 34 votes

As recommended by MP Dan, a new runoff poll has been created. Vote below. However, do not let the presence of a poll mislead you, as Fiscus remarked. ALCoS is a monarchy ruled by yours truly. I can still decide to overrule the outcome of the vote, or scrap the names altogether. In that vein, if you have a spark of inspiration (MOR R LES), do share.

Which one of the following should Erica put on her personalized license plate?
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