...for all your book suggestions! That was fun! I had forgotten about many of my favorite childhood books. Did anyone else love Cam Jansen, the girl detective who would say, "Click," and store a scene in her photographic memory? Or Harold and the Purple Crayon?

are you missing election season?
Then check out HottestUSSenator.com, set up by Elise and vote for - you got it - the U.S. senator you believe to be the hottest (not counting Barack Obama). I've been wondering if the winner has to be selected based on his/her current appearance. Because, certainly, 20-something John McCain beats out the competition:

speaking of hot...
Not only is it supposed to get up to 110º in the next few days, but yesterday our air conditioning went out...and it probably won't get fixed until Tuesday. Our house was 86º this morning before the afternoon heat wave hit.

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