last weekend:
- Got new A/C. Whew. Just in time for the heat wave. The past couple of days have been so hot that you almost have to remind your lungs to expand because the heat presses in on your body. It's also been humid. What? I thought this was supposed to be a dry heat here.

- Went to a local band's CD release party. Lisa and I were the only ones not buddy-buddy with one of the four bands there. Opening band lead singer's eyebrow movements cracked me up. Sang a song with lyrics like, "(first stanza:) There's a tree in a forest and it doesn't know what to do... (second stanza:) There's a drop in the ocean and it doesn't know what to do..." Guitarist tried hitting on us. Drummer of the third band looked like my eighth grade life sciences teacher, including the paunch and the balding head. Didn't seem to fit with the other younger members of the metal band (not my type of music, honestly). Ten Dollar Outfit (the band we went to see) was quite enjoyable. Lead singer reminded me of John Mayer, guitar faces included.

- Saw Phantom of the Opera for the third time in my life. Performance in San Francisco was still the best ever, but watching those candles rise through the stage floor always amazes me. Some day I'm going to inspect the stage and figure out how they do that.

- Watched The Life Aquatic. It was O.K. I like The Royal Tenenbaums better. But, wow, was the color gorgeous.

next weekend:
- Meeting up with Emily in KC.

- Myndi's wedding(!!!!!)

- Columbia-bound in a rental car. Meeting up with Kate, JDub, et al. for breakfast at Ernie's. Hanging out with EZP. Visiting old haunts on Campus. Grabbing a mocha chai at the Artisan. Lunching with Crowley (now Gibson) and Ann (possibly Luke and Jeremy as well). Returning to KC with Kate and Adam in tow.

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