back inaction
...at least for the moment. The first magazine issue designed and assembled entirely by me was finished this Friday. Whew. Sorry to disappear without warning. I'll give notice next time.

I have three weeks to design a 132-page travel magazine and one week of editing/production on said magazine before I leave the country. I might mention that my editor/publisher will be out for two of those weeks. Plus, our travel editor is moving to Orlando April 1 and will be working from the other side of the country. If the book actually gets finished on April 15 like it's supposed to, that will be the greatest birthday present. Ever.

red, white and tempe
I realized this morning why the choir director/organist at our church looks so familiar. He reminds me of Corky St. Clair. How fantastic is that?! Who wouldn't want Christopher Guest performing every Sunday?

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