It's in the Stars

I'm not one to hold much stock in horoscopes, even though I love reading them. Mostly I just enjoy their entertainment factor and the pause they make me take to consider my day/month. But today I stumbled on these horoscopes by Town & Country magazine. Considering my job hunt (which has been underway since, oh, mid-November), the reading for Aries seems frighteningly prescient:

Mar. 21 - Apr. 20

With hotheaded Mars, your ruler, skidding backward since mid-November, it’s no wonder you’ve been feeling fidgety and off-balance. Intriguing plans that seemed to hold such promise last fall have either petered out or gone astray. But relax, and stop gnawing at your nails for a minute. According to all the laws of astrology, your immediate future looks preternaturally bright.

Indeed, 2008 has all the hallmarks of a banner year for those born under the sign of the Ram. Jupiter is at the zenith of your chart, and it’s been twelve years since you’ve had such an opportunity to scale new heights. But until Mars turns direct at the end of January and goes back to the sign of Cancer in March, the grand design is likely to remain a bit sketchy. And if the stars hold a message for you as this New Year dawns, that message is to step back, at least momentarily, reassess your own private world, and thoughtfully analyze your prospects and goals.

Seriously, though? March? I have to wait until March?

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