Pictures for now. Words (and more pics) to come later

It's hard to update now that I'm back. My daily adventures in Arizona don't seem as entertaining as my daily adventures backpacking around the world. As the pics below should show, though, I am having fun exploring the Phoenix area all over again.

Jess & Eric on the top of Camelback Mountain

My reaction to the thought of returning to the "real" world

Viviane on a sunny day

More Viviane. Check out those eyelashes!

If that's too many Viviane pics for you, then don't check out the album because there are a dozen more like them

Kendra after breaking a plate at a local Greek restaurant. Opa!

A hot Bandito

Eric & I infiltrated the bounce house at the Big XII picnic. I think we had more fun than the kids.

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Big XII Alumni Picnic 2007

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