Miss Manners wouldn't know where to start
Or, why you might not want to be seen in public with me:

1. I tend to burp. Loudly. And often.

2. I scoff at people who are starstruck, but be forewarned that I will freak out if any of the following are mentioned or sighted: Jason Bateman, Steve Nash, Raja Bell, Isaiah Washington, T.R. Knight.

3. Not only do I prefer to drive barefoot, but I like to drive with my left foot propped up on the dashboard between the window and the steering column. Yes, I know this is dangerous, but it's strangely comfortable.

4. I have a hard time stifling a glaring look at Hummer drivers, especially when they hog the lane in the parking lot.

5. Most weekends I shower only once. Why waste the effort as long as I don't stink?

6. I'll forego fixing my hair to catch 20 minutes more of sleep in the morning, so most days my 'do is a messy knot of wet hair.

7. I really don't see the problem of putting your elbows on the table.

8. I feel compelled to rage against the use of Comic Sans anywhere I see it.

9. I will cry when watching a sappy (or even a not-so-sappy) movie/tv show. There's no way around it.

10. I cannot restrain myself when "Ice, Ice Baby" comes on. Must. Sing. Along.

Does this make me a bad friend?
How is it that it has taken me six months to realize that I still have Megan listed under her maiden name on the blogroll?

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