"Jesus houdt van u" is Dutch for "Jesus loves you"
Or, That Tower of Babel is a bitch

I was a volunteer summer Sunday School teacher for the high school Formation class yesterday. They're doing a series where each week they examine and discuss a tough question of faith. My question was, "How do I know if God exists?" I'm just glad I didn't get the "For how many years will Dan Brown burn in hell for writing The da Vinci Code?" question. No, actually this looks like a very well-thought-out series. And I had a revelation. Part of the discussion had us read John 1:1-5 (In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God...) and all of a sudden it all clicked. If God is word, it only makes sense that there are several interpretations of God around this world. When you hear a sound, it means nothing to you until you can attach some kind of meaning that you're already familiar with. In the same vein, how can each individual's interpretation of God be exactly the same? Seriously.

While we're talking church...
The lovely older woman who often sits behind me in the sanctuary turned to me at the end of the service a few weeks back and told me that she loved listening to me sing. I didn't have the heart to tell her she must have heard the woman sitting next to me, because I sing in just one key, and that's the key of OFF. But then the next week she said the same thing. It must mean just one thing: I have to find more hearing aids like hers and hand them out to the rest of my pewmates.

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